Kaspersky Security Center. Scaling

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Réf: KL 302.11
Kaspersky Security Center. Scaling

The course instructs how to design, deploy, and maintain protection systems based on Kaspersky
products and centrally manage them via Kaspersky Security Center in distributed and large Windows
networks (from 1,000 to 100,000 endpoints).
The theoretical part of the course and hands-on labs provide students with knowledge and skills
needed to:
— Design and implement a security management system in a large and/or geographically
distributed network, in particular, using a hierarchy of Administration Servers
— Design and organize an optimal architecture for distributing updates throughout a large and/or
geographically distributed network, for example, via distribution points
— Configure Kaspersky Security Center to manage devices outside the organization’s perimeter
with or without connection gateways

Complete course KL 002 ‘Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Management’ to know how Kaspersky
Security Center works.
Basic understanding of networking technologies: TCP/IP, DNS, email, web. Know how to configure
Windows servers and workstations. Basic knowledge of information security principles.


3 Jours
Certification :

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