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Microsoft Project 2010 Server


Intra Entreprises

Inter Entreprises


Before attending this course, students should have :
- General Project Management knowledge
- Understand basic scheduling principles.


We have designed the course for technical Project Server implementers, and we tailored it to the business application owner who serves as the organization’s primary or backup business application administrator.


  • Understand Project Server terminology and core system components
  • Describe the project communication life cycle used with Project Server
  • Understand the administration interface in Project Web App
  • Create a Project Server login account in Project Professional 2010
  • Configure custom enterprise fields, Lookup Tables, and calendars
  • Configure the Project Server demand and lifecycle management features
  • Add resources to the Enterprise Resource Pool
  • Specify the initial configuration options for Project Server
  • Configure time and task tracking settings
  • Configure Project Server security using Groups and Categories
  • Import enterprise templates and existing projects into Project Server
  • Build OLAP Cube and resource availability information
  • Create custom views in both Project Web App and Project Professional 2010
  • Manage Microsoft SharePoint Server and Project Sites
  • Modify Project Web App pages and create new Project Site templates
  • Configure Business Intelligence features and build custom Excel-based reports and interactive dashboards
  • Manage the Project Server database
  • Understand the Project Server technology stack and installation types
  • Understand hardware and software requirements
  • Install SharePoint Server 2010 and Project Server 2010
  • Configure necessary SharePoint farm components for Project Server
  • Create instances of Project Web App
  • Configure SQL Server Analysis Services for OLAP functionality
  • Understand the process of migrating data from Project Server 2007
  • Perform Project Server monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Perform common SharePoint administrative tasks


  • Module 1: Introduction and Project Server Overview
  • Module 2: Understanding the Project Web App Interface
  • Module 3: Creating System Metadata and Calendars
  • Module 4: Configuring Lifecycle Management
  • Module 5: Building and Managing the Enterprise Resource Pool
  • Module 6: Initial Project Server Configuration
  • Module 7: Configuring Time and Task Tracking
  • Module 8: Configuring Project Server Security
  • Module 9: Building the Project Environment
  • Module 10: Creating and Managing Views
  • Module 11: Managing Project Sites
  • Module 12: Configuring Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Module 13: Installing Project Server 2010
  • Module 14: Post-Installation Configuration
  • Module 15: Managing Project Server Day to Day

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